Amazon Quiz Answers Today 6 March 2022 Win 25000

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers is updated, now you can play Daily Quiz to enter in the amazon funzone lucky draw to win 25000 Pay Balance.

The Daily quiz started on 6th March 2022. If you play the contest then check the result on the amazon official website after the quiz over

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today Win 25000 Pay Balance

Q1: Which of these is a name is given to the Border Security Force’s increased surveillance along the Pakistan border in Rajasthan?

  1. Good Samaritan
  2. Randori Behak
  3. Devi Shakti
  4. Sard Hawa

Answer (D) – Sard Hawa

Q2- Petr Fiala has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of which country?

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Austria
  3. Serbia
  4. Latvia

Answer (A) – Czech Republic

Q3 – The Konyaks are among the largest tribes in which state?

  1. Tripura
  2. Chhattisgarh
  3. Nagaland
  4. Jharkhand

Answer (C) – Nagaland

Q4 – Who among these is an Arjuna award winner in this sport, who was part of an Asian Games bronze medal winning side?

  1. Robert George
  2. Jimmy George
  3. Kiran George
  4. George Gervin

Answer: (B) – Jimmy George

Q5 – This is a famous character from which movie franchise?

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Percy Jackson

Answer (A) – Pirates of the Caribbean

Amazon Daily Quiz Time Details:

  • Quiz Title: Amazon Daily Quiz
  • Prize: 25000 Pay Balance
  • Contest Starting Date: 6th March 2022
  • Organized by: Amazon India
  • #amazonDaily

How To Play Daily Quiz Amazon –

  1. Open Amazon App
  2. Go to the funzone sections or Click here.
  3. Scroll down to find the Daily Banner.
  4. Once get the banner tap on it & play.

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Prize Distribution:

The Daily Quiz Amazon will end on 6th March 2022. you can check the winner’s page to get information about winners. all winners will get an email from the amazon officials then they will credit the prize in your account send the winning product to your registered address.

i hope you get all the correct answers & information about amazon Daily quiz.

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