Amazon Festival Edition Quiz Answers: 50000 Pay Balance

Amazon Festival Edition Quiz Answers is updated, now you can play Amazon Festival Edition Quiz to enter in the amazon funzone lucky draw to win Rs.50000 as Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Answers Details

  • Amazon Quiz Today Prize – Rs.50000 as Pay Balance
  • Quiz Date – 9th October 2021

How To Play Festival Edition Amazon Quiz –

1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.

2. Open & Sign in to the Amazon App.

3. Go to Home Page & Scroll Down then you will see “Amazon Quiz  ” Banner, tap on it.

4. Now just tap on Start Tab to play the quiz.

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Prizes

Amazon Festival Edition Quiz Answers Win – Rs.50000 as Pay Balance

Q1: Who wrote great epic Ramayana?

Answer: (D) Valmiki

Q2: Dussehra is also known as?

Answer: (B) Vijayadashami

Q3: In which state of India, Dussehra festival is celebrated with the parade of elephants?

Answer: (C) Karnataka

Q4: According to Hindu mythology Ramayana, which Puja is performed by Lord Rama to win over Ravana?

Answer: (A) Durga Puja

Q5: Name the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka?

Answer: (B) Brahmastra

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I hope this Amazon Festival Edition Quiz  Answers will help you to win this quiz. best luck.

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