Amazon Coupon Carnival Quiz Answers Win Rs.2000

Amazon Coupon Carnival Quiz Answers is updated, now you can play Coupon Carnival Quiz to enter in the amazon funzone lucky draw to win Win Rs.2000.

The Coupon Carnival quiz started on 9 March 2022. If you play the contest then check the result on the amazon official website after the quiz over

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Amazon Coupon Carnival Quiz Answers Today Win Win Rs.2000

Question 1: You can now get additional discounts on products listed on over and above their existing price. Using which of these offering can you avail this benefit?

Answer 1: (B) Amazon Coupons

Question 2: The ____ is an ongoing event on, which offers Coupons giving additional discounts on over 15 Lakh+ products. What is this event called?

Answer 2: (B) Coupon Carnival

Question 3: Till when is the Coupon Carnival live on

Answer 3: (B) 15th March

Question 4: To redeem a coupon you need to simply click on a coupon which will add it to your cart. True or False?

Answer 4: (A) TRUE

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Amazon Coupon Carnival Quiz Time Details:

  • Quiz Title: Amazon Coupon Carnival Quiz
  • Prize: Win Rs.2000
  • Contest Starting Date: 9 March 2022
  • Organized by: Amazon India
  • #amazonCoupon Carnival

How To Play Coupon Carnival Quiz Amazon –

  1. Open Amazon App
  2. Go to the funzone sections or Click here.
  3. Scroll down to find the Coupon Carnival Banner.
  4. Once get the banner tap on it & play.

Prize Distribution:

The Coupon Carnival Quiz Amazon will end on 9 March 2022. you can check the winner’s page to get information about winners. all winners will get an email from the amazon officials then they will credit the prize in your account send the winning product to your registered address.

i hope you get all the correct answers & information about amazon Coupon Carnival quiz.

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